Holy Time With God


Holy Time With God

By Bill Shults

“Holy Time With God” is a book written on a practical level to help you understand the importance of the Sabbath in the life of a Christian and how to practically observe it. It will give you tremendous insight. Here is an excerpt from pages 49-50:

“The Sabbath was created by an act of God putting His Spirit into the day itself. To really access all that God has for us on that day, we have to access it through the Spirit of God….God made the day, or that recurring space of time, holy. It is holy every week, week after week. For all time, it is holy. It is holy when you observe the day and holy when you do not. God made the time holy with His Spirit, so to keep it holy you have to engage God with His Spirit. So, what have you been doing with your time on His holy time?…There are things to do on the Sabbath besides sleeping. The Sabbath was not intended to be slept off. We do need rest, but we also need to tend to the business of God….We need to have church, we need to visit the sick, we need to preach God’s Word, we need to visit the shut-in’s, and we need to enter that special place with God in worship. It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath…”



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