Preserving the Sabbath for the Next 100 years

Preserving the Sabbath for the Next 100 years

By Eva June Narber

(this article is an excerpt from the March-April 2001 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)


“Through out the ages, there have been small pockets of Sabbath keeping and Bible fearing people around the world. At this point in history, we have more people exposed to the truth of scripture than at any other time. This is partly due to the explosion in world population; and partly due to the popularity of mainstream “missions” that have been adopted by many Sabbath keeping churches and assemblies. In retrospect, do we need to be concerned that the Sabbath truth in particular will still be as widely known 100 years from now? Consider these facts: a) In the splinter groups of the former Worldwide Church of God, the majority of people who attend are over the age of 45; b) all churches report losing their youth to popular cultures and; c) not much innovative thinking is going into solving the current problem, except for using conventional methods which have always been used. In just thirty years, a good number of the current readers of this magazine will be awaiting the resurrection of the dead. In fifty years, most living ministers will be deceased.

Action needs to be taken now to attract more young people to the Sabbath-keeping community and to keep the ones we already have. If we don’t, it is likely there will come a time when the number of Sabbath keepers decreases to a level that “requires” another “great leader” to come on the scene to bring the Sabbath truth to light once more. While this may very well happen, I believe that we are wasting our talents and our current resources to ever allow such a lapse in the Sabbath keeping truth to occur…”


To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 14, click this link:

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