Abortion and the Sabbath

Abortion and the Sabbath

by Kenneth Westby


(This article is an excerpt from the Nov-Dec 2004 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

“Looking for a fight? Just bring up the subject of abortion in mixed company. Strongly state your opinion and soon there will be “blood.” Abortion is one of those incendiary topics that sit at the intersection of religion and politics like a lit match between two open cans of gasoline. But why has the subject of abortion become so charged with emotion, vitriol, and even, at times, violence? For most of history the right and wrong of abortion was not a polarizing issue. Most cultures regarded it as an evil. In modern, more civilized times, it was a shameful practice and against the law. People who did speak out in favor of abortion, such as the Marquis de Sade, were universally condemned as deviant reprobates.

In 1973 with the famous Roe v Wade case all that began to change in America. The U.S. Supreme Court declared “open season” on the unborn. The court had somehow conjured a “privacy” principle from the U.S. Constitution, and from that phantom constructed a “woman’s right to choose”—to choose to kill her yetto-be-born baby. From ’73 to now the death toll stands at 40 million (and counting) helpless innocents slaughtered in the name of “a right to choose.” A third of American women have had their sons and daughters snuffed out. A quarter of unborn children will die this way. Those promoting abortion (prochoice) and those abortionists making money on its thriving business are treated as noble pioneers in the emancipation of women from the drudgery of motherhood or the consequences of sexual promiscuity…”


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