Conscience Taken Captive: A Short History of the Seventh Day Baptists


Conscience Taken Captive: A Short History of the Seventh Day Baptists

By Don Sanford

This book is a tremendous piece of history showing how Sabbath keepers took a foothold and extended the Kingdom of God into America. Here is an excerpt from page 8:

“The First Seventh-day Baptist Church in America was organized in December 1671 from members of a Baptist Church who had come to the conviction of the Sabbath of the Bible. Stephen and Anne Mumford were Sabbath keeping members of the Tewksbury Baptist Church in England when they migrated to American in 1664 during a period of dissenter persecution. About the same time, according to Samuel Hubbard’s journal, his wife Tracy, “took up keeping the Lord’s holy 7th day Sabbath the 10th day of March 1665…”

“Within 20 years about 76 names were added to the covenant relationship which spread out to places such as Westerly, Rhode Island, and New London, Connecticut. The membership included American Indians as well as English colonists…”

“In 1709 it was constituted as the First Hoplinton Seventh Day Baptist Church, now located at Ashaway, Rhode Island. This is the oldest existing Seventh Day Baptist Church in America”.

To learn more from this powerful book of history, click here:

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