Time is the Ally of Deceit


Time is the Ally of Deceit

by Richard Rives

This exciting book and 5-part DVD series explains in great detail the events that led to people trying to replace Sabbath worship with Sunday worship.

Many aspects of Traditional Christianity cannot be found in the Bible. They can however be traced directly to the worship of pagan gods which predate Christianity by centuries. How is it that precepts that have nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with pagan sun worship have found their way into our churches? History reveals that there is one very good answer.

Part 1: Flee To The Mountains. First century believers, based on the warning by Jesus, left Jerusalem prior to its destruction in 70 A.D. 53 mins.

Part 2: Baal Comes To Rome. During the 2nd and 3rd centuries, aspects of pagan sun worship were combined with the true faith of first century believers, resulting in a Christianity unlike anything that those who walked and talked wtih Christ would have recognized. 70 mins.

Part 3: The Persian Sun God Mithra – Greco Roman Christianity. Historians report that during the 4th century the worship of the Persian sun god Mithra mysteriously vanished as Christianity was established as the religion of the Roman Empire. Was it Mithraism that vanished, or true Christianity? 53 mins.

Part 4: The Conversion Of Constantine And The Nicean Council. While his coins state that he was committed to the sun god Sol Invictus, Constantine was also recognized as the First Christian Emperor. Presiding over the Nicean Council, the date for the observance of Passover was changed from the Biblically prescribed timing. 51 minutes.

Part 5: Remember The Sabbath Day – A Delight – The Holy Of The Lord – Honourable. Many theologians would tell us that Sunday has replaced the 7th day Sabbath, that in fact, the law has been “nailed to the cross.”” Yeshua, Jesus said that until heaven and earth pass away not even the slightest aspect of the law would change. See an overview of historical events that led to the abandonment of Biblical precepts and their replacement by Traditional Christianity. 93 minutes.

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