The Turning Point

The Turning Point

By Dianne D. McDonnell

Sometimes there are major turning points in one’s life. Jeff had a wife, a family and lots of bills to pay. He made decent money, but the new house payment was still difficult. The thought of being made a supervisor was the carrot on a stick he had been chasing for some time. He did a great job on every assignment, and got along well with others, so why did the supervisor position elude him? He was sure it was the major turning point he needed.

Of course, there was that new thing about going to church on Saturday. At first he had let his wife go alone or with the kids, but now he attended also. It had seemed so odd at first. He had even told his wife she was making a big mistake when she was baptized, but now years later, he was going with her. Jeff was checking on each of the new beliefs. There really were a lot of places in the Bible that supported the Sabbath, and yes, Jesus did keep that day. Then the time finally came. “Jeff, we want you to be a supervisor. The pay raise will be significant. You will be expected to come in every Saturday, but just for an hour or two.”

Jeff decided not to tell his wife. He had to pray about it first, and think it over. After three days he summoned the courage to go back into the boss’ office, and quietly he explained that his conscience wouldn’t allow him to work on Saturdays. It was a heavy decision to make, and he couldn’t help that a part of him still grieved over the lost income. He felt he would never get a raise. So the months slid by, and somehow there was enough to pay all the bills. Nine months later he was surprised to be called into the boss’ office again. “Jeff, I’ve created a new position. It’s an individual contributor job, but it will pay the same amount as the supervisor’s position. And you won’t ever have to work on Saturdays.”

God had intervened! This was an entirely new position created just for him! He had never heard of other position like it, and it was something he could do well. He could barely wait to thank God and to tell his wife what God had done! This is a true story, only the name has been changed. It was, indeed, a turning point. This man is still keeping the Sabbath over twenty-five years later and God has continued to bless him and his family.

Dianne McDonnell is the founder of Freedom Ministry.


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