The Morality of the Sabbath

The Morality of the Sabbath

by Kelly McDonald, Jr.

When we think about the Sabbath, many Christians will say, “Well, God doesn’t care which day we rest and worship him on. One day in seven is all that matters.” Let’s seriously consider this line of reasoning with two of the other Ten Commandments.

Does God care whose property you have in your possession? (Your own or someone else’s?)

Does God care whose spouse you take home with you? (Your own or someone else’s?)

Again, most Christians would agree that God does care whose property you have in your possession. They will agree that it matters whose spouse you take home with you. For some reason, many will make an exception to the Sabbath. The Ten Commandments are absolute laws.

Just as God cares that we only possess our own property and that we stay faithful to our own spouse, He cares what day we rest upon. Since He saved us, we are called to be like Him (Leviticus 19:1-2).

There is only one day that God set apart for the Sabbath; it is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. If we do not rest on the Sabbath, then we have broken it. The morality of this commandment is set in stone just as are the others.


Kelly is the President of the BSA and an Evangelist with Hungry Hearts Ministries.



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