The Sabbath is An Opportunity for Action!

The Sabbath is An Opportunity for Action!

It can be easy to look at the Sabbath as simply a “time-out” from the common activities of our lives. We want to avoid looking at this special gift from God as simply a list of things we should not do. Instead, let’s look at the Sabbath as a divine opportunity! What should we do on the Sabbath? Or, better put, what are we free to do now that common burdens are put aside?

While our common work is put aside on the Sabbath, it is the time to take on holy work. Christ said, “Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?” (Mark 3:4). Christ taught, preached, prayed for people, and publicly read the scriptures on the Sabbath. There are entire chapters in the Gospels devoted to Christ’s holy work on the Sabbath.

The Sabbath is the perfect time to read our Bibles, pray, worship alone with the Lord. It is also a time to spend with family (we will have a future blog solely on that subject). It is a special time set apart to engage God in a way and with a focus that we could not during the week because we had work to do. Maybe there is someone in the Body we have not seen or talked to in a while. Perhaps God has even laid this person on your heart during the week. Go speak to that person; even call them. Make that effort to be an instrument for God.

The Sabbath is not a call to inaction; it is a call to action. It is a divine opportunity. When we come together, there is always an opportunity to serve. Someone has to set up the church and prepare it for services. You could always come early to pray in the sanctuary for people to be touched by the Lord. Worldly cares are set aside so that we are free to do more for God, not less.  Someone must lead the music service. Someone must lead prayer at church. Someone must preach the sermon. Someone must teach the Sabbath school classes.

Do not forget that other people in the Body need encouragement and admonishment. Fellowship is so important. We have the freedom to engage one another as our focus is on the Lord. The Sabbath is an opportunity to use the gifts of the Spirit even more.

God is working things out in our lives through our obedience to His Sabbath. There is work that needs to be done, and we are the people He has called to do it. Let’s use this powerful freedom to grow in grace and knowledge.



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