History of the Waldenses

By JA Wylie

This important history book details the history of the Waldensian people (also called the Vaudois). They dwelt in the Piedmont Valley, which is in the Swiss Alps on the border of Italy and France. They were Sabbath keepers who were persecuted because of their faith. They refused to accept the doctrines of Rome. God did amazing miracles to protect these people.

1487 Pope Innocent VIII issued a decree or bull of extermination against these people. An army was organized and sent to destroy them. As they marched up to the Piedmont Valley, a mighty miracle occurred. Here is an excerpt from pages 50-51:

“A White Cloud, no bigger than a man’s hand…was seen to gather on the mountain’s summit, about the time the army would be entering the defile. That cloud grew rapidly bigger and blacker. It began to descend. It came rolling down the mountain’s side, wave on wave, like an ocean tumbling out of heaven – a sea of murky vapor. It fell right into the chasm in which was the papal army, sealing it up, and filling it from top to bottom with a thick, black fog. In a moment the host were in night. They were bewildered, stupefied, and could see neither before nor behind, could neither advance nor retreat. They halted in a state bordering terror. The Waldenses then tore up huge stones and rocks, and sent them thundering down the ravine…The papal soldiers were crushed where they stood….some [of the papal army] were trodden to death; others were rolled over the precipice and crushed on the rocks below or drowned in the torrent, and so perished miserably.”

To read the incredible, full history of these people, order this book by clicking the link below!



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