Saving our Children


Saving our Children

by Terrell Perkins

(This article is an excerpt from the Jan-Feb 2010 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

“Christian churches are losing the children that grow up in them to a world of smoke and mirrors. Sabbatarian churches tend to fare even worse. In a world where Christianity is increasingly seen as a restrictive, outdated form of mythology, to be Sabbatarian, to actually keep God’s commandments, is seen as even more restrictive. The Body of Christ needs to realize that we are at war with spiritual forces that will stop at nothing to destroy us. Their primary aim is our children. If our children can be led away, our future goes with them. What our children see is a world filled with enticements and pleasures. But so many of those pleasures turn out to be traps. Ours is a world overflowing with violence, pornography, and meaningless lives. There are forces capable of saving our children from the world, but many are failing for lack of knowledge. Churches have failed for the most part, but churches are built on the foundation of solid families. The greatest influence in a child’s life are his or her parents.

Below are recommendations dedicated to those whose job it is to raise the next generation of God’s family, the parents to whom God has entrusted them. 1. Set them the right example of a man or woman of faith. Don’t tell them one thing and do something else. Even at a very young age they will be watching you. They will be learning from you how to be a man or woman and how men and women interact. Let them see how the Holy Spirit works in your life to make you a better person. 2. Be honest and straight with them. Let them know what you believe and why. Don’t try to hide the realities of life from them. This is especially important in matters of money, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Don’t put your own head in the sand! If they don’t learn them from you, they will learn from someone else. 3. Get involved with your children’s lives. Go to their sporting events and school shows. Show them you care. Know who their friends are. Eat dinner with your children, and talk about your day. 4. Let your children know you believe in them…”

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