35 Reasons Why I Keep the Bible Sabbath


35 Reasons Why I Keep the Bible Sabbath

By Robert Franklin Correia

This book will give you 35 reasons why it is important for us to keep the Sabbath. This book will build your faith and give you confidence in your walk with God. Here is Reason #8, taken from page 17:

  1. Because the Sabbath is God’s flag.

God has a flag:

  • “I [God] will set up my ensign”
  • A flag is a sign:
  • They set up their ensigns for sins (Ps. 74:4)
  • God’s sign is His Sabbath:
    • “I have them my Sabbaths, to be a sign” (Eze. 20:12; see also verse 20).
    • “It [my Sabbath] is a sign (Ex. 31:13).
    • “It [my Sabbath] is a sign… forever” (Ex. 31:17)   https://biblesabbath.org/shopping/pgm-more_information.php?id=94&=SID
    • To learn all 35 great reasons to honor the Sabbath, order this book at the following link:
    • God took of the fabric of time and made Himself an ensign for eternity. He made a unit of time by rolling of a globe, and He called that unit day. He took a handful of days – seven-and made them a week. And of that week He took the last day, the seventh, and made it the Sabbath. That Sabbath is His sign, His emblem, His flag.
    • Since God has a flag (Isa. 49:22, RV), and a flag is a sign (Ps. 74:4), and God’s sign is His Sabbath (Eze. 20:12, 20), therefore, God’s flag is His Sabbath, because things equal to the same things are equal to each other.

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