The Miracle of the Seventh-Day Ox

The Miracle of the Seventh-Day Ox

By Bradley Booth

Nickolai Panchuck was a Sabbath-keeping minister in Communist Russia. He was arrested for his faith and refused to give up the names of his congregants. He was subsequently exiled to Siberia by the KGB. In this incredible, riveting story, you will learn how Nickolai kept his faith in God and the seventh-day Sabbath during the entirety of his imprisonment. His faith led to others believing in Jesus and eventually led to his release from prison.

Here is an excerpt from page 50:

“The first time Nickolai had been severely beaten by both Yuri and the warden. The second Sabbath they had locked him up in a box for 10 days. On the third time around would they finally give up, or would the persecutions continue?

Nickolai wondered how much worse things could get. He was sure that there would be another confrontation with the warden, and he dreaded it, but he also knew that he had to remain faithful to God no matter what. He couldn’t give up now. The Sabbath was a special blessing from God. With all of his heart he wanted to honor the sacred day and the Creator God who had designed it….”

To read more from this breath-taking story, order the book from the BSA (click the link below)

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