Why I Am a Sabbath Keeping Christian


Why I Am a Sabbath Keeping Christian

By Dan Jarrard

In this easy to understand book, Dan Jarrard explains his journey from Sunday keeping to honoring the Sabbath. This book will inspire and encourage you in the faith. It will serve to unfold the reasons why many have chosen to travel a path that is different from yours and their choice is worthy of your understanding. Your path does not, in and of itself, make you a better Christian than “Sunday-keeping” Christians. But, at the same time, neither does it make you less of a Christian.

Here is an excerpt from page 6:

“Shortly after becoming a “Sabbath-keeping” Christian a friend asked me, “Why?” Before I could get very far in explaining, he almost screamed at me, “You are not Jewish! Don’t you know the Sabbath was given just for the Jews?” Before I could respond he rapidly walked away. We never spoke of the subject again.

Since then I have discovered that his premise is one that is shared by many Christians. What I wanted to share with my friend was that the Sabbath was not a Jewish institution – the Sabbath pre-dated Judaism….”


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