Are Men Fulfilling Their Responsibilities? (Part 2)

Are Men Fulfilling Their Responsibilities? (Part 2)
By Darl E. Arbogast

“Most Americans want to live in a nice quiet neighborhood where the good schools are located, where they have easy access to church and shops and they desire an easy commute to the work place. Everyone agrees that this is very desirable and for many Americans it works out just that way. Their children seem to be happy, well-adjusted and content.

Why do some children grow up under such undesirable circumstances where there is no contentment to be found in the home? Why do some families live in an undesirable frame of mind? The answers are because of the failure in the family structure. All of man’s ideas to improve on the family arrangement designed by God are not working.

There is an old saying, “Contentment makes poor men rich but discontentment makes rich men poor”.

According to Vines Complete Bible Dictionary, content can be a verb, a noun or an adjective. As a verb it primarily signifies “to be sufficient, to be strong, possess sufficient strength, to be enough for a thing, to be satisfied, contented with.”

We have been shown in the book of Genesis how Adam was not content, he was lonely and…”

This article was printed in one of our 2017 Sabbath Sentinel editions.

To read the rest of this article, which begins on page 12, just click the link below:


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