An Old Sabbath-Keeping Hymn from Eastern Europe

An Old Sabbath-Keeping Hymn from Eastern Europe

By Kelly McDonald, Jr.

In 1894, a man named Samuel Kohn translated hymns of Sabbath keepers who had dwelt in Transylvannia for centuries. The hymns date to at least 1600 AD or before. Interestingly enough, in their hymns, they note how many churches made changes from God’s festivals to those that are not in the Bible. Here is a sample from a hymn:

“So for all the existing churches of the old; deviated true faith, yes, they have forged him: Instead of Sabbath, they keep Sunday, The Passover they remodel for Easter; At Pentecost boldly make the feast of Fiftieth day; The new year and its festival do bold daring; From autumn to winter they lay; They hold none of all the other parties – Just as the Gentiles” (Bosnia Cathars 1588-1623. Die sabbatharier in Siebenbürgen, Kohn, Samuel, 1894, pp 90-91).

Many centuries after the Roman Church began influencing people away from the Sabbath, a remnant still knew the truth.

Kelly McDonald, Jr.

BSA President

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