The Morality of the Sabbath


The Morality of the Sabbath

By D.M. Canright

In this book, you will learn about the absolute morality of the Sabbath. It will provide a different perspective on the importance of the Sabbath. You will learn about the physical and spiritual aspects of the Sabbath that prove it is just as much apart of God’s spiritual law as the rest of the Ten Commandments. The body was designed for rest; in our fast-pace world, Godly rest will produce a harvest of results. Here’s an excerpt from pages 24-25:

Pages 24-25

“Thomas Sewell, M.D., professor of pathology and the practice of medicine in the Columbian College, Washington, D.C. says: ‘While I consider it the more important design of the institution of the Sabbath to assist in religious devotion and advance man’s spiritual welfare , I have long held the opinion that one of its chief benefits has reference to his physical and intellectual constitution; affording him, as it does, one day in seven for the renovation of his exhausted energies of body and mind – a proportion of time small enough, according to the results of my observation, for the accomplishment of this object…..I have no hesitation in declaring it as my opinion that, if the Sabbath were universally observed as a day of devotion and of rest from secular occupations, far more work of body and mind would be accomplished, and be better done; more health would be enjoyed, with more of wealth and independence, and we should have far less of crime and poverty and suffering…”

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