How the BSA Can Help You Individually or as a Church (Part 2 of 3)

How the BSA Can Help You Individually or as a Church (Part 2 of 3)
by Kelly McDonald, Jr.

In this blog, we will continue looking at practical ways that BSA materials can help you individually or build the faith of your congregation.
Study Idea #4 – Practical Ways to Observe the Sabbath

With this study, the focus is on Biblical principles that guide our practical observance of the Sabbath. This would include activities to avoid on the Sabbath as well as positive activities to apply on the Sabbath (each individual and congregation may have some different views on how to honor the Sabbath).

Suggested Materials: “From Sundown to Sundown, How to Keep the Sabbath…and Enjoy It!” by May-Ellen Colon. In this book, the author tackles honoring the Sabbath from the perspective of our relationship to God as our Father. It will cause you to give deep thought to how you observe the Sabbath. “How to Keep The Sabbath Holy” by Doug Batchelor is a work that asks questions about Sabbath observance and practical ways to address those questions.  “52 Things to Do on the Sabbath” by Glen Robinson is another appropriate work for this subject. It contains practical activities for all ages.

Suggested Practice: In this study, try to navigate issues relating to sabbath observance, such as practical ways to get off work on the Sabbath and how to better incorporate children/families into the Sabbath experience. You could also ask people in the study to share any concepts, traditions, or practices that they have found contribute to Sabbath observance. You might research practices from different Sabbath groups.


Study Idea #5 – The Sabbath in Prophecy

The Sabbath also has an interesting place in Bible prophecy. The attempt to change the Sabbath was prophesied in Daniel 7:25. Moreover, it was prophesied that the beast power government would hunt down Christians who practiced the commandments of God.

Suggested Materials: “A Woman Rides the Beast: Roman Catholic Church Last Days” by Dave Hunt. In this provocative prophetic book, Dave goes through history to unveil the identity of the woman of Revelation 17, named the Whore of Babylon. There is also a DVD on this same subject. “Spirit of Antichrist” by Alan Knight is an examination of how past pagan practices have infiltrated Christianity. He takes into account the different Bible prophecies as fulfillment of these events and warns Christians to avoid them in light of unfulfilled prophetic events!

Other Suggestions: In this study, it would be great to include news articles showing how the attack against the Sabbath prophesied in Daniel 7:25 is continuing to happen even in our times. One could look at Sunday laws in different parts of the world, especially Europe (where they have made a revival in recent years.


Study Idea #6 – The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are absolute laws to guide Christian living. In this study, you could discuss the place of the Ten Commandments in our modern world. Though the world has changed, the Ten Commandments have not.

Suggested Materials: “The Ten Commandments Twice Removed” – In this short book, you will learn about the recent attack in our country against the Ten Commandments and how the Church in general has not emphasized the commandments to the degree that she should. “The Ten Commandments” by Taylor Bunch. This book explains the spiritual and practical importance of the Ten Commandments. Further, it conveys how the Ten Commandments lay the foundation of human liberty and love.

Suggested Practice: In this study, you might consider going over Bible verses where people broke the Ten Commandments and the consequences they incurred. Also, you could explain more modern applications of the Ten Commandments to emphasize their unchanging nature (for instance, how downloading copyrighted music without paying for it is stealing).

Study Idea #7 – You can always put together your own study group with our materials. These are just some practical ideas that will encourage and edify your faith and the faith of those in your church/Bible Study.

To look at the BSA materials, click the links below.


Thanks for reading and I hope we can help build your faith!

Kelly McDonald, JR.

BSA President





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