How BSA Materials Can Help Your Church (Part 3 of 3)

How BSA Materials Can Help Your Church (Part 3 of 3)
By Kelly McDonald, Jr.

The Sabbath Sentinel Magazine – The Sabbath Sentinel is a free, interdenominational magazine to encourage, empower, and educate Sabbatarians. In this magazine, you will find insightful articles on the Sabbath and other subjects that relate to Christian living.

The magazine also contains up to date information about happenings within the Sabbath community, which includes advertised events. Lastly, it contains the latest historical research about the Sabbath and linguistic studies from the Bible and history about the Sabbath.

One great aspect of the Sabbath Sentinel is that any Sabbatarian can write for it! We also allow advertising for any Sabbath group (there is a reasonable fee for advertising).

This magazine would be great to put in the entrance to your church as an introduction to new people and a way for current members to stay connected to the Sabbath community.


Children’s Materials – The BSA does offer some children’s materials to help guide the younger generation towards the example of Christ.

To look at the BSA materials, click the links below.


Evangelism Tools

Lastly, we have Evangelism tools to help your congregation.

The BSA has a variety of short, easy to understand pamphlets available. These can help educate new believers, but also evangelize others. We give discounts for bulk orders. We have a brief list below:

  • Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions about Sunday – This pamphlet is a series of quotes by Roman Catholic and Protestant ministers confessing that the true Sabbath is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset
  • Whatever Happened to the Sabbath? – This small pamphlet gives a brief overview of the Sabbath. It cites scripture and insightful questions to cause others to consider the importance of the Sabbath.
  • Why Do You Observe Sunday? – This pamphlet is an overview explaining that Sunday is just a common day; it then transitions to show the Apostle’s example of keeping the Sabbath.
  • Other small tracts available:
  • Why the Seventh-Day Sabbath?
  • Why the Protestant Reformation Failed!
  • 100 Facts on the Sabbath Question
  • What Would Jesus Do on the Weekend

You can stamp your Church location and meeting times on these tracts. All we ask is that no doctrinal information be placed on the material and that the BSA name or address is not covered up.

To overview these tracts, click the link below!


Thanks for reading and I hope we can help build your faith!


Kelly McDonald, JR.

BSA President




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