The No-stress Zone

The No-stress Zone

by Lenny Cacchio


Another harrowing week on the job leaves me drained, and I know that I am not unique. The strain of our on-the-run culture is robbing us of our freedom and the quality in our lives. A recent article in the Kansas City Star poignantly pointed out that our information age has linked us to our offices 24/7, not only from home but from virtually anywhere in the world. Our cell phones and laptops make it next to impossible to escape the yoke of our employment’s reach.

And the age of just-in-time inventory, instant messages, and overnight delivery are symptoms of a culture that demands what it wants and demands it now. The luxury of taking one’s time is no longer afforded us, let alone a full escape from the pressures of daily living.

(this article is an excerpt from the January-February 2003 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)


To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 8, click this link:

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