The Abiding Sabbath and the Lord’s Day

The Abiding Sabbath
The Abiding Sabbath and the Lord’s Day

By Alonzo T. Jones
In 1883, a $500 prize was offered to whoever could write an essay on “The Perpetual Obligation on the Lord’s Day.” Rev. George Elliot won the essay with a work entitled The Abiding Sabbath. A second prize was offered, this time for $1,000, was awarded to Professor A.E. Waffle of Pennsylvania. His essay was entitled “The Lord’s Day; it’s Universal and Perpetual Obligation” was printed in 1885. Both of these works were written to defend keeping the first day of the week (Sunday).

Alonzo T. Jones wrote a work that strongly refuted both of these essays and proved the seventh day as the Scriptural day of rest. This book is a must have for anyone looking to defend their faith.

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