The Sabbath Under Crossfire 

Sabbath Under Fire

The Sabbath Under Crossfire
Analysis of recent Sabbath/Sunday controversy

Dr. Samuel Bacchiocchi


This work examines the recent attacks against the Sabbath within the larger historical context of the origin and development of the anti-Sabbath theology. An understanding of how the abrogation view of the Sabbath began and developed through the centuries, is essential for comprehending why the Sabbath is still under crossfire today.

The book analyzes in a systematic way the most common arguments used to negate the continuity and validity of the Sabbath for today. With compelling Biblical reasoning, it unmasks the fallacies of the attempts made to reduce the Sabbath to a Mosaic institution, fulfilled by Christ and condemned by Paul.

Most important of all, this book will enrich your understanding of how the Sabbath can enable you to experience the Saviors presence, peace, and rest in your life.

Click the link below to order this powerful work:

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