History of the Sabbath

Andrews History

History of the Sabbath

By J.N. Andrews

This one of the most important books ever written on the Sabbath. Andrews traces the Biblical and secular history of the seventh-day Sabbath, and the origin of first-day observance. It is a vigorous scriptural and historical defense of the Sabbath.

In this book, you will find convincing evidence to settle this long-drawn controversy between Sabbath and Sunday. You will be amazed to see the kinds of arguments and ways in which Sunday defenders tried to make it sacred – and how flawed these arguments are.

A thorough examination is essential for everyone to take a stand on this question. The evidence is here. May God grant you a willing heart, in order that you may stand by His side and His people, regardless of temporal consequences, for it is written, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

To order this thorough and exception book, click the link below!


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