by John Quincy Adams

“There are two kinds of Memorials. Physical ones such as postage stamps, coins, the founding of universities and hospitals, or the giving of some simply physical token as a mere rose. Then there are Spiritual ones such as setting apart a day or days as with wedding anniversaries, baby dedications, and the like in memory of some event.

God has called upon men to memorialize holy things in both the physical and Spiritual realms. In the physical, for 4,000 years, there was the offering-up of certain clean animals in sacrifice, to memorialize the truth that “the wages of sin is death”, and, that “without the shedding of blood

there is no remission of sin”. Then, when the perfect sacrifice came, that which was imperfect was done away (1st Cor. 13:10).

Other divinely instituted physical memorials are the symbolical partaking of the broken bread and the fruit of the vine, to portray symbolically the broken body of our Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood which is to be observed “till He come” (1st Cor. 11:26). There is also the watery burial which is to memorialize the death of our Lord Jesus, and His burial and resurrection. Thus this baptism sets forth in symbol-form our own belief as well, in that as surely as Death lay the body one-day in the grave, yet there shall at last be a resurrection for the body…”

(this article is an excerpt from the June-July 1999 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 11, click this link: http://biblesabbath.org/tss/477/tss_477.pdf

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