Christian Worship & The Sabbath Day

Christian Worship & The Sabbath Day

by Wayne L. Atchison

Christian belief is manifested in what is practiced: Christianity is not just philosophy or speaking spiritual words, it is also the practice and life-style of good deeds which demonstrate our commitment to Jesus Christ. Being a Christian is a Way of life, based upon what is believed to be true. In order to not be mislead into believing errors, it is important for Christians to always question what is taught to them.

The Scriptures remind Christians that it is not for them to make judgments about another Christian’s Spiritual status: these questions and judgments are to be left to God. However, even without judging the person, it can be agreed that God tells Christians not to practice errors, nor to be unrighteousness (I John 3:7) and to be holy just as God is holy (I Peter 1:15). Therefore, what may be said is that a Christian is not supposed to practice errors, and should therefore earnestly avoid being deceived into doing so.

The Most Widely Accepted Error In Modern Christianity

Doing a little historical research into the Christian Sabbath Day, it becomes obvious that a major deception has been promulgated for multitudinous generations: For over 1,600 years the majority of the Christian world has been taught, and has accepted without question, that Sunday is the Christian’s day of worship. Yet the Scriptures, historical records, and direct quotations from every major Christian denomination, all agree that this commonly taught belief is a blatant error. The truth is that God’s Sabbath day has always been the seventh day of the week—(which today is called) Saturday.

(this article is an excerpt from the November-December 2000 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

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