Crusade 2000: Christ for the Crisis

Crusade 2000: Christ for the Crisis

Report by Gilford T. Monrose

For the first time ever, the New York area Churches of God 7th Day, came together and held a spiritually explosive tent meeting crusade. The crusade ran for two (2) dynamic weeks in Brooklyn, from August 13-27 under the big red and white tent at Prospect Place and Nostrand Avenue. About 10 churches came together in support of Crusade 2000: “Christ For The Crisis” which was sponsored by the Mt. Zion Church of God 7th Day located 203 East 37 Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Francis DeCaille, host pastor said, “Crusade 2000 did achieved its purpose of propagating the gospel in Brooklyn”.

“The way the churches came together and worked as a team for this crusade, is indicative that God has raised up the church to preach His message before His return”, said Evangelist Lennox Abrigo, Washington, D.C., the main speaker for Crusade 2000. This was truly a sign that God is raising up the Church of God in New York for His purpose.

Some of Evangelist Lennox Abrigo’s sermon titles were, “Why Are the Innocent Dying In Brooklyn”, “New York’s Last Government” and “Big Bang- Big Money: Big Lie!”

A ladies special sermon was preached on how to attract and keep a good man. Another speaker was Evangelist Hector from St. Lucia, West Indies. Wayne Moore, Brooklyn, NY, pastor of Faith Church of God 7th Day, was the moderator. David Taylor, Bronx, NY, pastor of Harvestime Church of God 7th Day was host of “Holy Fun Time.” He was the most generous minister of all. He gave gifts for special reasons to our visitors every night. At the end of each presentation, he would always say, “The greatest gift of all is the man Christ Jesus.”

(this article is an excerpt from the November-December 2001 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

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