Directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups

Directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups

by the BSA

The directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups is now available for FREE online!

Just click the link below!

This directory lists hundreds of Sabbath Keeping churches all over North America and even the rest of the world! There are seven categories of churches in this directory:

  • Seventh-Day Baptists
  • Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Church of God (Seventh Day)
  • World Wide Church of God Successor Movements
  • The Sacred Names Movement
  • The Messianic Movement
  • Non-Aligned Groups (Independent)

We no longer offer this in print form. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we were no longer able to do this as an organization. The link to the online directory is more up to date and is constantly adjusted for new churches or changes in addresses for old churches.

God Bless!
– BSA board directors

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