Hebron Home Has Filled Our Hearts

Hebron Home Has Filled Our Hearts

by Invar

“If there ever was a place to fill your hearts with absolute joy, it is with the Sagar Jalli family and ministry at Hebron Home.

If there was ever a place to fill your hearts with heart-wrenching sadness, it is having to say goodbye to brethren, family and children at Hebron whom fill your hearts beyond what you would expect in such a very short time.

The five days at Hebron Home have been the most uplifting, busy and inspiring start to a mission trip since Kardias began them in 2008. Hebron left such an impact, Rienne and Marissa are discussing coming back to Hebron again perhaps within a year to stay for a month to serve the orphans and ministry here.

At our arrival, we were greeted with a hero’s welcome, the energy from the children who are all excited to tell you their names and expect you to remember it, was a small glimpse into the full schedule we would participate in during our stay at Hebron.

The orphans at Hebron are well taught in the scriptures as their day begins in prayer and Bible classes, so it was a delight for us to expand on their biblical understanding with our theme of the Fiery Furnace…”

(this article is an excerpt from the July–August 2012 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 12, click this link: https://biblesabbath.org/media/TSSJulyAug2012.pdf

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