Holy Living in a Fallen World

Holy Living in a Fallen World

by Lori Stuckey

“In today’s society holy living has lost its meaning. People are more concerned with the physical circumstances of their lives than in the life God has called them to live. It’s time for a new beginning.

From Genesis to Revelation holiness is not just a happy-sounding suggestion. It is a commandment. If holiness were unimportant to God, He would not be holy. In order to navigate the many pitfalls that lead to sin and complacency and arrive at true holy living, we must seek to understand the many tools the Bible gives Christians to assure them of a victorious life.

One tool for effective, holy living is to read the Word of God and put its principles into effect. This makes the Word of God a living principle inside us. Some other avenues are prayer, fellowship with other believers, putting on the whole armor of God, and witnessing to others of the wonderful benefits that come from having close fellowship with God.

Holy living draws us close to the fount of all blessings, our Heavenly Father, and that is what we call, “living in the Spirit.” When we live in the Spirit—close to the Father—and not in the flesh, holy living flows from us like a fountain…”

(this article is an excerpt from the May–June 2010 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 9, click this link: https://biblesabbath.org/media/tss_543.pdf

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