Should I Kill Insects?

Should I Kill Insects?

by Dusti Howell

“There are 256 types of mosquitoes here in Thailand. A visit in Chiang Mai, Thailand to one of the many insect museums showcases the amazing designs of these fascinating blood suckers. Some of them are so small that you might mistake them for a fruit fly, but after swatting them, you marvel at how something so small could have been successful and sucking so much blood. As much as I dislike mosquitoes, ants are a bigger nuisance here. I’ve learned to always inspect my large 32oz big gulp cup drinking from it or before filling it up with water. One day I was in a bit of a rush to get to class. I still had nearly half a cup of water in the cup and decided to drink the entire cup in one gulp. I was half way through my enormous gulp when I noticed a huge trail of ants around the rim of the cup… Aaah… I’d just swallowed a bunch of small ants. Yuck. Interestingly, the ants will find my water cup everywhere, even on top of a seven foot bookshelf.

The ants here come in lots of sizes. One day I killed a big ant but left it on the carpet. The next day I just happened to notice a large trail of very small ants. They were working on devouring the body of the large ant I had killed the day before. So don’t kill a big ant on your bed or you’ll have a trail of ants there later. My son caught two small lizards just under three inches in length and put them in fairly large plastic bins as pets. He has a pet frog back home in Kansas, so he was pretty excited about this. The next day both were dead. They had been killed by ants. Large trails of ants were found working on devouring the bodies. It was after one of these instances that the scripture reading for church was from Proverbs, exhorting us to go to the ant you sluggard. They are relentless and they don’t stop….”

(this article is an excerpt from the November–December 2008 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 17, click this link:

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