Me and My Sin

Me and My Sin

by Calvin Burrell

“The main problem with all of us is our sin. We were born in it. We live with it, to one degree or another. It stains and twists all our worlds.

Most of the sad facts about history and human failure are nicely explained by what the Bible says about sin. The Scriptures on this topic correspond with the reality of what is; thus, their teaching is true.

God’s Word defines sin in different ways. Sin is the absence of faith. Sin is any foolish thought. Sin is missing the right mark — unrighteousness. Sin is the failure to reach God’s standard, and the transgression of His law. Sin is not doing what we know we ought.

Blending these Bible definitions, we may say that sin is any thought, word, deed, or omission that disobeys the word and will of God for our lives. That covers a lot of territory! And it describes every human on earth at some time or another, including you and me.

In this introduction, I have described the nature and extent of sin. So far, not so good. My purpose, however, is to consider better things: the divine solution to this human predicament. If sin is the disease, what is the cure? Four words in Scripture summarize the Spirit’s solution to our sin problem. They will be easier to learn and embrace if we see them in pairs, as they are written….”

(this article is an excerpt from the January–February 2009 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 18, click this link:

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