Concerning the Commandments

Concerning the Commandments

By Herbert E Saunders

“A couple of weeks ago a rather intriguing and thought-provoking letter found its way to my desk. Now I really enjoy interesting mail. It does something to my spirit. And this particular piece was so enjoyable to me, in a rather odd sort of way, I thought you might appreciate two or three paragraphs:

Some very serious words were spoken not so long ago by a comedian. He said, “If Moses were alive today and fulfilling his assignment from the Lord, he would say to the people, ‘Here are ten demands from the Almighty, and they are nonnegotiable!’ He might also add, ‘And God said nothing about amendments either!’”

Those commandments are simple and uncomplicated. They are easy to understand. The first commandment tells us to worship God and none other. The second tells us that we must worship Him directly and that we must not have any idols. The third commandment calls for….”

(this article is an excerpt from the Sept. 1972 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 3, click this link:

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