What Can You Expect from the Sabbath Sentinel Blog?

What Can You Expect from the Sabbath Sentinel Blog?

We are about 1 month from launching the Sabbath Sentinel blog. This article is a short sneak peek into what you can expect from the Sabbath Sentinel Blog. First of all, we at the BSA would like to thank you for your support and tuning in to this blog.

We believe strongly that testimonial s about the Sabbath have an impact on people. These personal stories will help encourage Sabbath keepers to continue on in their practice of the seventh-day Sabbath. Moreover, testimonials help draw the interest of people who do not presently observe the Sabbath.

We believe these will be powerful tools for the Kingdom of God.

Once a month, you will see an article called “Testimonial Tuesday” that will feature these  personal stories of perseverance and faith.

This is just one of the many features through this blog!

It launches August 1st!

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