Welcome to the Sabbath Sentinel Blog!


Welcome to the Sabbath Sentinel Blog!

This is the beginning of a new day for the Bible Sabbath Association (BSA). This new blog will be a way for the BSA to reach the public in a way that we have never done before. This blog will provide you exciting insight into the following avenues:

  • Every Sunday we will feature materials such as books and DVDs offered through the BSA
  • Testimonial Tuesday –  Once a month, we will have testimonials about how people came to the Sabbath
  • The other Tuesdays of the month, we will have inspiring articles written by BSA board members and other BSA members
  • Throwback Thursday – Two Thursdays a month we will have an article from a past Sabbath Sentinel issue.
  • Family Friday – Every Friday, we will have family activity ideas and family items offered through the BSA.

We want to get YOU involved!

If you want to contribute to the Sabbath Sentinel blog with inspired revelations on the Sabbath or your testimonial about how the Sabbath has changed your life, just email us at:



Thank you for your support and prayers!


Enjoy the great experience that will be the Sabbath Sentinel Blog!


Bible Sabbath Association

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