Sabbath Traditions

Sabbath Traditions

by Lettie Lippincott Siddens

I consider being born and raised in a Sabbath observing family a benefit. Although that does not mean I was a perfect child.

Most of my first seven years we lived on a large rented farm ten miles from Milan, Missouri. While living there we attended a Sabbath observing church.

When I was a preteen, my Dad, Edgar Lippincott, started preaching in various churches when not needed in the local Church. Now we lived in Milan and sometimes went to minister in other churches in the area while doing various jobs as opportunity provided for our living.

My favorite friend attended the Methodist Church and I often went with her. The town Ministerial Council surveyed the school children asking if they attended church and where. I checked that I attended the Methodist Church. But my conscious hurt so much I had to quit going with her. I continued to go faithfully with my parents on Sabbath…”

This is an article from one of our 2017 editions of the Sabbath Sentinel.

To read the rest of this article, which begins on page 19, click the link below:


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