Anxiety Rules

Anxiety Rules

By Ray Wooten

“Anxiety is all around us. It is a malady that plagues almost everyone to one degree or another. It not only affects the poor, it affects all people regardless of their status in the world. A huge part of the world’s resources has been spent in an effort to resolve the problem of anxiety through counseling, drugs, rehabilitation centers, and may other means only to fail miserably. It just intensifies and deepens as we try to treat the problem gently by focusing on the problem. Could it be that we need to reconsider our approach to this debilitating problem and listen to our Savior’s solution to the whole matter of worry and Anxiety? If you believe that we should, then here we go.

The Bible shares Jesus’ dissolution of this entire matter very early in His training class for His disciples. This counseling also applies to you and me, His modern day disciples. Matthew 6:19-33 explains that the entire cause for anxiety is contained in the matter of what each of us individually values and cherishes as our most important treasure. This means both now and eternally. Jesus says in verse 19, “Do not store up riches for yourself here on earth, where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal.” Moths eat cloth and rust oxidizes metal. Nothing is this physical dimension lasts forever. Material things always picture or symbolize the spiritual or invisible things that are eternal (see Romans 1:20)….”

(This is an excerpt from the May-June 2012 edition of The Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 18, click this link:

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