From Sabbath to Sunday


From Sabbath to Sunday

By Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi


In this intriguing book, Dr. Bacchiocchi explores in detail historical events that surround the Catholic Church changing the day of worship from Sabbath (Saturday) to Sunday. He explores how paganism and Anti-Semitism played a large role in luring people away from Sabbath keeping.

Here is an excerpt from pages 185-185:

“The adoption and enhancement of Sunday as the exclusive new day of worship presupposes the abandonment and belittling of the Sabbath. We would presume therefore that the Church where Sunday worship was first introduced and enforced adopted some measures to discourage Sabbath observance. While it must be admitted that we have evidence for the observance of both days, particularly in the East, this must be viewed as a compromise solution on the part of those who wished to retain the old Sabbath while at the same time accepting the new Sunday worship. Their very concern to preserve some type of Sabbath observance disqualifies them as the pioneers of Sunday-keeping, since they could hardly have championed the new day while trying to retain the old. In the church of Rome, the situation was substantially different. Not only was Sunday worship urged there, but concrete measures were also taken to wean Christians away from any veneration of the Sabbath…”

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