How I Discovered the Sabbath

How I Discovered the Sabbath

by Pastor Jason Towe

Imagine yourself on the way back from lunch break on any normal workday when you pass by an empty gravel parking lot and you see a man sitting in his truck alone. You happen to notice in passing that the man, with arms raised in intense frustration, appears to be passionately arguing with his vehicles rear view mirror. Hopefully no one noticed, but if that (literally) happened to you in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North GA, I am just coming clean to clarify that it was me in the truck that day. Though you may have gotten a good laugh, and I hope you did, that was the moment in my life when everything began to change. Though I did not realize it in that moment, this was the day when the story of my journey to the Sabbath Day (among the rest of Torah) got its start.

Several months earlier I had finally come to grips with the reality that God was calling me into the ministry though I had not made a public announcement about it. I wanted to tell my pastor first so I stopped by his house one morning on the way to work and after beating around the bush for a moment I just plainly stated “God is calling me to preach”. Finally, I had uttered the words that immediately seemed to release a thousand pounds off of my shoulders. I felt like I was floating the remainder of that day but that ecstatic emotion was short lived. I had finally openly admitted and announced it, but little did I know that things were about about to get very real for me.

This was a testimonial printed in one of our 2017 editions of the Sabbath Sentinel Magazine.

To read the rest of this article, which begins on page 12, please click the link below:


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