How to Spend More Time with the Man from Galilee

How to Spend More Time with the Man from Galilee

by Aimee Zahora


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Many know that the man from Galilee is none other than the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Some might agree that spending time with this guy brings benefits. But, how? How can we spend more time with the man from Galilee. Below are four practices that I attempt to follow. These practices have brought me unquantifiable spiritual richness.

First Thing in the Morning: Musical Meditation

For most of my life, I would bounce out of bed a millisecond after my alarm buzzed through the silence and rush around in the fast lane to get stuff done. Over the past few months, a more gentle approach debuted in my conscience, making those initial waking moments soft and serene.

Meditation through music helps me connect with God. Focusing on Him and being still — listening for His inspiration — changes the course of my day. My awareness of what truly matters and my perception of simple beauty — birds, flowers, sunshine, etc. — intensifies.

Two of my favorite musical selections that resonate with me include Give Me Jesus by Danny Gokey and Psalm 34 by Shane and Shane.

Tune in to Powerful Sermons All Day

Whether you are exercising, taking a mental break over lunch, or winding down at the end of the day, be intentional about tuning into powerful sermons throughout the day. Below are three series-style sermons that have increased my spiritual prosperity.

If series aren’t your cup of tea, here are two stellar stand-alones.

Write Down the Good Things That Happened to You Today

A friend recently introduced me to the Thankful app. It provides a convenient method for electronically capturing a few concepts that express gratitude on a daily basis. The practice of gratitude is a simple game-changer to transform one’s mental trajectory.

Pictured below are a couple of my recent entries. I find it refreshing to look back at my entries every couple days or weeks. Not only am I amazed at how much I would have forgotten had I not documented it, but also my spirit renews through the review process.

Pray for an Open, Loving Heart and God’s Will

Spending time with the man from Galilee in prayer and meditation changes the course of life. Whether praying for specifics or big picture items, the intimacy of prayer enables soul restoration and divine guidance.

Personally, I am in the midst of a unique time of life. I have chosen to radically alter the course of my life to follow God more passionately. That choice includes ordering my day in ways that energize rather than deplete. Besides making a cross-state physical move from the north to the south, I am embarking on a new career.

Perhaps there are few times in life where we have the opportunity to be radical. Or, maybe opportunities present themselves many times, but we have to be in tune with God’s Will to perceive those opportunities. In any case, when the awareness comes, it’s time to act. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, I encourage you to pray fervently for an open, loving heart — one that aligns with God Will. My experience has shown it to be fulfilling beyond measure.

Aimee Zahora is a Sabbath and Holy Day keeping follower of The Way and blogger on topics that ignite the Spirit. She is a member of the United Church of God.

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2 thoughts on “How to Spend More Time with the Man from Galilee

  1. jennacar says:

    But you have missed the most important way to spend time–in the Word. I doubt that many people have truly understood all 13,103 verses. And we know that Yahshua/ “Jesus” is the Word. These other things are good, Martha, but “choose what is better” and it will not be taken away from you. “My words are spirit and they are life.” (John 6:63)


    • The Sabbath Sentinel says:

      Hey Jen!

      We know Aimee personally and she definitely supports Christians reading the Word of God. This article was an insightful way to cover other ways that one can connect to God in addition to reading the Word, but definitely not taking the place of reading it. Hope that helps you understand her better.


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