Seventy years of BIBLE SABBATH ASSOCIATION: 1945 to 2015


1945 to 2015

By Calvin Burrell
“The Bible Sabbath Association (BSA) has a 70-year history of bringing God’s people together across the lines of doctrinal and denominational difference that too often divide them.

The founders of BSA, George A. Main and his wife Mabel D. Main, were members of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. The first BSA office was in their home in Pomona Park, Florida, for more than ten years (1945-1955).

The longest-serving editor of BSA’s The Sabbath Sentinel magazine was Eugene Lincoln, a Seventh Day Adventist Church member from Indiana, Michigan and Maryland. His quarter-century as BSA editor was from 1960 until 1985, and he also served a term as BSA President.
The longest tenure for any BSA secretary-treasurer was a Church of God (Seventh Day) couple—Lawrence and Lottie Burrell. They served from their farm home near Fairview, Oklahoma, the national BSA office address from 1955 until 1995. The BSA service of the Mains, Lincoln, and the Burrells was mostly or all voluntary, a true labor of love.

More recently, servant leadership in the BSA has been provided by several persons who came from a Worldwide Church of God background and experience. These include Richard Wiedenheft, Ken Westby, Richard and Shirley Nickels, and others….”

(this article is an excerpt from the January-February 2015 edition of the Sabbath Sentinel)

To read the rest of this article, which starts on page 3, click this link:



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